AngelList Recruit — Product suite to find, connect & hire startup-ready talent

This seems to be a solid makeover to AngelList Recruit, making it easier to recruit World-class talent with 3.2M+ job seekers on the platform.

These are various products under AngelList Recruit:
1) Source
2) Job Listing
3) Track (Lightweight Application Tracking System)
4) Company Profiles
5) Assessments

Here are a few key changes as per AngelList team:

Get to candidates who need your attention with better navigation:
Your recruiting tools are readily accessible from the top of your screen. You’ll be able to source candidates, review applicants, reply conversations, and manage your company profile with ease. You’ll also see a badge if you have new candidates to review.

Find the right candidates quickly with improved filters:
Easily tweak your search criteria to find your next hire among millions of candidates. You can filter by their work experience, education and even their preferences for their next opportunity. You’ll also now be able to search for onsite and remote candidates at the same time.

Process profiles faster with a better candidate cards:
See a summarized candidate profile that matches your search criteria, including any pre-vetted technical assessments they’ve completed. You can simply click on the candidate to view more details about their work experience and preferences.

AngelList makes a mark in whatever it does, this is one of them

– Adithya Shreshti




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