NaturalyCode — Transform boring lines of code into natural English

I got tired of using my brainpower to read uninteresting code… Specially AWS policies. Originally, that’s why I built this tool. Then, I thought it could benefit some of you.

You will understand code faster. It’s like adding a senior software developer who read 14 million code samples to your team. Imagine a helpful collaborator ready to explain to you any piece of code 24/7. Fortunately, this new teammate is 20 000x cheaper than a real software developer.

Whether you are a student learning to code online or a developer working on a configuration file, NaturalyCode will help you understand better what the code is doing. It’s also perfect for growth hackers using scrapping scripts and no-coders using tools like Webflow, Bubble or Shopify. You can quickly understand what happens in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python.

Inputs are limited in characters, so it will cut your code if it’s too long. Be sure to always CLOSE properly the brackets of your code. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense for our algorithms so you could get shitty results.

???? If you want to start reading code like Bill Gates today, you can get a free 14-day trial. No engagement. Cancel anytime.

I would be happy to hear your feedbacks in the comments.

– Mathis Grosjean




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