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Hey friends! After 80+ hours of researching and building, I am super excited to have you meet the Nomad Terminal, a travel resource directory featuring the best travel tools and content for those who miss traveling ????

???? How did it start?
As I was designing a travel connectivity solution, Nomad (, I talked to a lot of travelers and asked: “What’s your biggest hassle?” And the echoing answer was: THE RESEARCH. You need to put in a lot of effort digging through websites and FB or Reddit threads to find all the information. And I definitely feel that as a perfectionist planner myself ????
Well, although I couldn’t make a button that just creates the perfect trip for everyone (or, could I? ????), I decided to make it my 20% Project to create this directory that may be useful for fellow travelers.

???? What’s in this first version?
– 80+ tools for flights, lodging, logistics, navigation, expense, info, etc. (many by PH Makers)
– 30+ top travel bloggers that share about budget travel, nomad, female solo, and so on. This is just a small list and we will continue to update it.
– The Ultimate Trip Planning template. You get to vote where you are going next and I will create customized templates for the top destinations.

???? What’s next?
This starting list is from my personal research, but now I’d like to open it up so that it is truly built and maintained by the traveler and nomad community. I will continue to play the curator role and organize the submitted resources so that more people can see those in a centralized place.
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????‍♀️ Feedback means a lot!
This is also an experimentation for me to see if curation from the community can provide lasting value. So any feedback/resource/collaboration would be much appreciated! Feel free to comment below or on the site!

– Elva Fu




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