Product OKRs — An exhaustive OKRs notion template

Hey folks ????

Launching the most comprehensive & exhaustive Product Management OKRs ( Objective & Key Results ) template. ????‍????

It can help you to track your OKRs in a structured manner without any hassle. ⚡

It can also be used for tracking your personal OKRs as well.

Just duplicate the template & customize as per your requirement ????

Template includes 11 sections ????
⭐️ Objective

⭐️ Duration

⭐️ Key Result

⭐️ Progress Status

⭐️ Current Value

⭐️ Target Value

⭐️ Achievement %

⭐️ Owner Name

⭐️ Review Date

⭐️ Target Date

⭐️ Blocked on whom ?

Bonus ????
✔️ Search + Sort + Filter across resources

✔️ Exhaustive OKR template

✔️ Save 100+ hours on Productivity

Lifetime access ???? ????

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– Rohit Verma




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