Specto — Production profiling and perf monitoring for iOS & Android

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We started building Specto 2 years ago because we recognized that user expectations for high quality mobile app experiences were growing, but there was a lack of focused tooling to help teams deliver on the goal of performance as a feature. We want to help mobile teams of all sizes stay competitive and ship fast, smooth mobile apps that will delight their users.

Specto is a platform that allows developers to continuously collect performance metrics, traces, and profiles from iOS & Android apps running in production. Instead of building and maintaining complex suites of performance tests that simulate usage of an app, we allow teams to focus on shipping their product while we automatically collect and analyze performance data from real users across a variety of different environments in production. Specto is designed with developers in mind: our SDK is lightweight and can be easily integrated with just a few lines of code.

We’ve spent the past year working with mobile engineering teams at companies like Notion, Quora, Rapha, and others to help them maximize the performance of their apps, and we are here today to announce general availability of the Specto platform.

The entire Specto team is here to answer any questions. We look forward to you trying it out and giving us feedback! Sign up on https://specto.dev and start profiling your iOS or Android application for free.

– Jernej Strasner




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