Adobe Lightroom 4.3 — Edit, manage and share photos

Version 4.3 release notes:

With this release we are excited to launch new features including our Premium presets, Super resolution, Collaborative editing, Color grading tutorial support, and Author blocking.

Premium Presets:  Lightroom is introducing over 70 new, hand-crafted Premium Presets directly in the app, that will help you achieve your creative vision. New presets and collections will be added regularly.

Super Resolution: Super resolution can intelligently enlarge photos while maintaining clean edges and preserving the important details. Super resolution uses AI to double your photo resolution

Collaborative Editing: Now through your shared albums, invite others to edit your photos and add their signature touches.

Color Grading Tutorial Support: You can access tutorials with step-by step instructions on using the color grading function, to enhance photos in Lightroom.

Author Blocking: In the Lightroom community, assessed through the Discover tab you can personalize your experience by having the freedom to block users from viewing your profiles, and photos.

– Chris Messina




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