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Hey everyone,

Saurabh here from GetFeedy. We’re here to help you simplify the customer feedback loop. ????????

There are a lot of products in the market doing the same thing, but one thing we found is – most of them are damn boring or complicated.

But when you’re dealing with low-technical customers, Design & Simplicity matters the most. They don’t care about joining your Feedback board, going through multiple steps to share their feedback. ????

And the next thing we’re focused on – utilizing the power of AI & Data to make the process even more powerful ( We’re currently working on the same ).

Can we automate the creation of changelog using AI? Can we categorize feedbacks with sentiments, keywords, and other data? Can we set up better customer data points to rank each feedback?

Because Feedback Management is not just about taking feedback but trying to get maximum feedbacks and rank them for priority & decision making. ❤️

And we’ve decided to go for a limited-time deal with no recurring payment ever. Just buy once, and GetFeedy is yours forever. ????

– Saurabh Chauhan




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