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Hi everyone,

Sunny from Roro here. ????

I’m excited to share Roro with Product Hunt! Roro provides super follow features for superfans. Roro makes it fun and easy to follow ???? your favorite actor ????, musician ????, athlete ????️, team ⚽, influencer ????, celebrity ????, news ????, artist ????, brand ????, or any other verified public figure you love ????. No more jumping back and forth between different social media platforms to see latest posts and updates – with Roro, you can conveniently see what they posted on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, all in one feed.

We are just getting started so more improvements ????️, and features ???? are planned based on feedback ???? from folks like you. We’re starting with Twitter, Instagram and YouTube but plan to add more social media platforms as we go.

With Roro, you’ll see the following features:
???? Log in using your Twitter credentials
???? See all the verified, public accounts you already follow ????, pulled from Twitter
???? Link their Instagram and YouTube accounts based on Roro suggestions.
???? View an aggregate feed of posts by recency, made by your favorite actor ????, musician ????, athlete ????️, team ⚽, influencer ????, celebrity ????, news ????, artist ????, and brand ????, pulled from Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
???? Filter posts in feed by social media platform

Enjoy and contact us ???? at or comment below with questions and feedback.

I hope you enjoy this latest release and I’m excited to hear from you!

– Sunny Lee




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