Robotic Data Automation (RDA) — Automate IT data prep & integration with new software bots

You may be wondering ???? why your ITOps transformation projects are slowing down or becoming resource intensive❓

➜ More than likely it is due to data – which is inherently complex and raw – and the amount of work your team has to put together (over and over) to make data work for you – it simply adds up, to the man-hrs????️ and cost ????

You have seen ???? all those ELT/ETL and data pipeline tools, but hey, why do they only end up in the enterprise data architecture teams, working on business data, like sales, marketing, insurance, healthcare, etc.

What about IT data, ???? which is predominantly machine-generated, and more tools, data formats, delivery modes, and APIs than you can imagine‼️

????You may be thinking of the RPA route, but, RPA is generally good at business processes and user task automation.

???? At this point, you may be getting frustrated, what are my options? How do I tackle this IT data problem?

You are not alone – we are seeing this time and again, in IT organizations – and that’s why we have introduced Robotic Data Automation (RDA).

– Tejo Prayaga




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