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Hey Product Hunt ????,
Like most of you, I am a big product nerd. In order to flex my product skills, I am constantly hunting for new learning resources – blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, videos, news articles, tweets, online courses… However, for too long, my learning rate was suboptimal because I did not have the right workflow to systematically save, organize and annotate those resources.
I have built Shelf to do just that – save, organize and annotate online learning resources such as blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, videos, news articles, tweets, online courses… ???? Save – Whenever I encounter a seemingly interesting resource, I instantly save it, either from mobile using Shelf’s Telegram Bot or from the desktop using Shelf’s Chrome Extension. ???? Organize – Saved resources are stored in a dedicated space on my shelf. I use this space to ruthlessly eliminate low-quality resources, prioritize high-quality resources, and archive them in dedicated spaces. ???? Annotate – If a resource proves to be particularly insightful, I systematically write down key ideas.
Following this simple workflow has dramatically improved my learning rate. All my product knowledge is now concentrated on one shelf This shelf contains high-quality resources, organized in clearly delineated spaces, and crisply annotated. I constantly go back to it to consolidate existing knowledge and explore new areas. Check it out!
I truly hope that Shelf can help you improve your learning workflow and I’d love to have your feedback – feel free to reach out at! ????

– Florent Crivello




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