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I spend a lot of time scrolling through Twitter, reading threads from knowledgeable people on a wide range of industries and topics. The amount of information that is available for free is mind-boggling. Yet, the experience of being able to consume and refer back to this information leaves much to be desired. As a medium, tweets only have an average half-life of ~24 minutes, this leads to the 2 problems that the University of Threads is trying to solve:

1/ Discoverability – It is hard to find tweet threads from more than a few weeks ago, unless you know the specific thread you are looking for.
2/ Firehose – There are millions of tweet threads, what should I be reading?

We’ve started with the domain of product management, but this is just the beginning…

The Twitter thread that led to this project: https://twitter.com/yangpten/status/1400970533550714883

If you have any feedback or questions please reach out!

– Yang




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