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Hello Product Hunters!

Have you ever lost time on a bad documented API? ???? I’ve even lost a project, but that’s totally another story. I’m Bartlomiej, the founder of new coming GenDocu. Let’s together remove this inefficiency. Those APIs consume time, money, and the willingness to live.

Our goal is to make the next big step in the API industry. We help to move from quite old REST to newer, open-sourced gRPC standard created by Google. The new approach is strong typed and well-defined. It prevents many issues known from REST API, from typos in URL and compatibility to data streaming and performance. Unfortunately, though, configuration and onboarding are quite hard.

???? GenDocu simplifies the process of API creation. More automation, less human errors. You define the gRPC API with one-liner comments and push it to Github. Then, we generate the interactive documentation, code snippets, and SDK. As for now we support Golang and Typescript (gRPC Web). There are many missing features, but the whole flow is just astonishingly delightful, in our opinion.

✊ That’s where we need YOU ✊. Could you give us your opinion on this product? What do you think about using the interactive documentation? How about project creation. You can create the free project using our console. You can use our gRPC API if you don’t have one:

We care about your feedback and based on that, we will decide about the next features.

– Bartłomiej Najdecki




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