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Hi everybody,

Greetings from Denmark. I am Else, one of the founders of Good Plan. I love Product hunt and the possibility to find all the new and fantastic applications brought into the world.

Good Plan is a side project for my and my friend that we have been working on in our spare time from when Covid-19 started last year. We launched the product for a month ago. Hopefully we are able to use it in real life soon, when the pandemic is more under control.

You can use Good Plan when you are planning an event together with others, like a school event, a weekend trip with friends, a family get-together, etc. A group of people wants to find the best time to have this event and what activities they want to do. Skip the endless messages about which time is best and use Good Plan instead.

One person creates the plan and send the link to co-planners. Currently in this version 1 it is possible to vote for time slots and activities.

Everybody can make suggestions and vote and because of that it is a more democratic process. Sometimes just one person takes the initiative and make suggestions and the rest of the co-planners follow along without having time to come up with some good ideas. In Good Plan you see suggestions from others, which you never thought of yourself.

Good Plan is a webpage (PWA), everybody can use without creating another user account and password. That was one of our main goals to try to make a solution without the need to log in or download an app. You can share the link into a text, e-mail, chat, etc. Right now we are struggling a bit about making it easy to find the link again. For that purpose we made it possible to save the plan as a cookie on the device you are on, but it might not be the most userfriendly solution and we are still considered if there could be other ways to do that.

As I mentioned, this is a version 1, and we are working on new features and to optimize some existing ones.

Please contact me if you have any thoughts or feedback how to make the product better.

– Else Vindshoej




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