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Hi Hunters!

We’re very excited to show you LazyWeb ????

For the first time ever a search engine gives you control of how you can view results and content!

Here’s a little background on what we’re trying to do, and how we’re different to legacy search engines…

No ads: Free from advertising and ad-tech.

Choose how you see results with different views: From simple text to visual feeds.

Fighting SEO spam: We’re working to reduce spam in search results.

Direct answers to questions and key information up-front.

We protect your privacy: We don’t store any cookies or searches, there is no ad-tech and searches are anonymous and private.

Reader mode: Read content from many sites without ads or distraction.

Direct Navigation: Go direct to websites and apps: “go product hunt”, and results on websites: “go twitter elonmusk dogecoin”.

Any and all feedback is encouraged and appreciated ????????

– Angela Hoover




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