Linkler.Me — Unlimited URL shortener to create powerful links

Hello makers and hunters,

I have created a very powerful URL Shortener with full analytics for individual links and link groups, including geo and device information, referrers, browser, IP, and more. Control everything from the dashboard. Manage your URLs, groups, custom pages, pixels, custom domains, and more.

The main features:

Workspaces / Teams – Create multiple workspaces and invite team members to collaborate on campaigns, links, custom domains and more.

Link Rotators – Put multiple links into a group and use the short link for the group to redirect user to a random link from that group.

Link Statistics – Link reports allow users to see many statistics about their links including date and count of clicks, countries, referrers, devices, browsers and more.

Link Groups – Group multiple links together to allow viewing statistics for all links in that group and see how different groups perform when compared to each other.

Link Sharing – Share shortened urls on facebook or twitter with a single click from user dashboard or link frame/splash pages.

QR Code – Generate and copy a fully functional shortened url QR code with a single click. Scanning QR code will redirect to long url.

Custom Domains – Users can attach custom domains and sub-domains so their short links will use their own site url. Domain different then main site url can also be set as default by admin.

Link Overlays – Link overlay redirect type will show a fully customizable overlay over destination website.

Link Custom Pages – Create fully custom html pages with built-in WYSIWYG editor that can be shown to user before redirecting them to destination url.

Link Splash Pages – Splash pages with information about destination url and optional ads can be shown to user before redirecting them to destination url.

Expiration Date – Links can be set to automatically expire at specific date and time.

Custom Link ID – Links can have custom human-readable short IDs, instead of random generated strings.

Link Metadata – Each link can have metadata, including tags, title and description. This allows easier management of links as well as customization for link page SEO tags.

Password Protection – Links can be protected so only users with password will be redirect to destination url.

URL Validation – URLs can be automatically validated against custom blacklist of domains and keywords or using Google safe browsing API and Phishtank API.

Tracking Pixels – Tracking pixels from various services can be attached to links to measure their performance.

Location and Device Targeting- Links can be redirecting to different destination url based on user device (mobile, desktop etc) or their location.

Multiple URL Shortening – Easily shorten multiple urls with one click.

API – Links can be created via built-in API.

– Rhaissa Machado




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