Tella 2.0 — Record instantly shareable videos, from your web browser

G’day, Product Hunt. Tella is back!

Extremely excited to share the new version with you.

???? Tella is like a camera that lives in your web browser. You can record yourself, your screen, or present slides — without installing any plugins or apps.

???? Customise your recordings with different layouts, backgrounds, and frame styles. No design or video editing skills needed.

???? Combine multiple recordings as a single video. No more long, boring single-takes.

⚡️ Share your video anywhere, instantly — just copy its link. You can also export to mp4.

Tella helps founders, creators, teams, and educators showcase their work and share their knowledge with video.

People use Tella for product demos, presentations, launch videos, how-to’s, sales pitches, internal comms, course creation, telling stories, and heaps more.

Really looking forward to hearing what you think. ????

– Grant Shaddick




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