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People often assume Tech companies only hire engineers & developers. However, every tech company & startup all require accountants at some point!

As an accountant who has luckily been able to work for Tech giants as well as pre-IPO startups, I often get asked how I got the role. I’ve realized that there isn’t a central place for accountants to find roles at awesome tech companies.

Most tech job boards are catered toward tech roles and finance-related roles are often an afterthought. There are many different roles & requirements for accountants – and there is no job board that exists to make it easy for accountants and employers to find quality candidates.

So I decided to build it myself! Using no-code tools like Webflow, I quickly put together a job board that I wished was around when I was job-hunting.

For accountants:
I assume there aren’t too many accountants lurking on Product Hunt, but I would be so appreciative if you all share it with your awesome accounting friends.

If you’re hiring for an accounting role:
For a limited time, you can post a job and pay whatever you’d like! Pay $1, $25, $99, or however much you’d like to!

Thank you all – and since this is my first no-code project, would love feedback from this amazing community even if you’re not an accountant 🙂

– BD Hoang




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