Carden — Science-based flashcard app with spaced repetition

Hey Product Hunt ????

For the past months @anthilemoon and I have been working on a Chrome Extension to help you turn the content you consume into long-term knowledge.

We noticed that apps in the field such as Anki didn’t have a very sleek design, and they didn’t feel very fun or rewarding to use. So we built Carden with design in mind and paired it with gamification using points and levels to encourage you to practice, using a plant theme ????

Here are some of its features:

???? Practice using spaced repetition based on the evidence-based SM2 algorithm
✏️ Create flashcards in context whenever you read something interesting
????️ Organize your flashcards into decks
???? Collect points and level up as you practice and grow your knowledge
???? Cross-compatible with apps like Anki, Quizlet, Brainscape, and more
???? Import and export flashcards as .txt and .csv files
???? View and download in-depth stats
…and much more!

We have also open sourced the entire code of the extension to encourage anyone to add even more features, to self-host, or even make their own flashcard app! Feel free to check it out on GitHub.

– Alyssa X




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