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Hello Product Hunt! ????????

LottieFiles provides all the tools you need to create, edit, test, and display Lottie animations. On top of it, we have an active community of motion designers who contribute to one of the most extensive free-to-use repositories of motion designs. These files are available as Lottie, GIF & MP4 under Creative Commons Attribution License.

Designers and developers have taken advantage of Lottie and customized these animations to bring motion to their products and designs. Do check out some amazing things done with Lottie here, https://lottiefiles.com/showcase

Today, we are launching oEmbed support for our entire public library. Helping the rest of us bring motion to our Notion pages, Medium articles, Blogs on Ghost, or websites on WordPress with just a link. Check out embed.ly or iframely.com to learn more about other platforms you can use these embeds.

As all of our public animations are released under the CC attribution license, we have made it easier for you by including it as a part of the animation. When you hover an embed, it will display the attribution with a link to their profile.

How does it work?
1. Visit http://lottiefiles.com/featured to discover some amazing animations.
2. Open any animation and look for the oEmbed URL.

Thanks, and we can’t wait to see your first document with Lottie animations! ????

LottieFiles Team

– Nattu




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