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Hi PH ???? Our tiny team got together to build more meaningful professional networks. Now we’ve built Quest: a professional network that’s more intimate, personal, and honest than any other.

Here’s how it works:

When we shipped our last app, Cooper, it quickly became clear to us how hard it is to find good professional advice. We’ve built Quest so you don’t have to know what questions to ask or who to ask, and for experts to mentor in a way with the least possible scheduling required.

So if you’re a graduate trying to kickstart a career, or you’re a senior that’s willing to help, Quest is for you.

Some of my favorites:

– Ilina from YouTube about partnerships and sensitivity:

– Advice for junior designers from @koenbok of Framer: and @wesohaire from Dropbox:

– Adam from The Independent on a story he wrote that had an impact:

We’re working hard to make Quest something you tune into often and are adding features every week. For instance: You can follow people and topics soon, pick playlists with your favorites, and share your own profile as an audio resume.

I’m happy to answer any questions together with the team, both here and on Quest ???????? Let us know what you think!

– Robert Gaal




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