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Hi Product Hunters – Rob and Connor here from Revel!

Short version ????
Do you manage projects in Slack? Well here’s the Slack app for you.

Revel is a Slack app that lets you run projects in Slack (think to-dos, events, links, docs). It’s bit like Basecamp, but run in Slack channels, so you/your clients don’t need to sign in to yet *another* project management portal.

It’s free for the first month so add to your Slack and let us know what you think in the comments.

Long version ☕
Like I say, it’s bit like Basecamp, but shoved into Slack. You set up a Slack channel, add Revel to it, and you manage to-dos, events and links right there.

This means that you (and your clients, freelancers, whoever) don’t need to sign in to yet *another* project management portal. It’s all in your project channel and that’s that.

How we got here: I’m (Rob) a Project Manager at a software agency. Last year we started using Slack for running all of our projects – we’d invite clients to the project channel and do most of the comms there. This is great in a lot of ways: fast, informal chats, no more nasty email chains, and our clients love the closeness it brings between our team and theirs. However, it felt pretty disjointed in a lot of ways: great for chat, not so great as a project hub.

So in some corona related downtime, myself and Connor created a Slackbot to fill this gap. We wanted to tackle the following:

– Onboarding people onto the project (who are the key people, tools, docs?)
– Showing key events and milestones
– Keeping on top of to-dos (and making people accountable for them)
– Managing all of this in Slack or in a tidy web app

9 months on and I’m using Revel daily across 20+ clients projects at our software agency. Sure, we still use other specialist tools like Notion, Jira, Miro when needed – Revel’s job is to signpost people to them and keep the project on track. The things I like about it:

– When someone new enters the channel, I know they know where all the key project docs/tools are and who is who
– I can keep people accountable to stuff they say in meetings by assigning tasks
– Project milestones can be scheduled and ping the whole channel when due
– This is all done where I spend my time anyway: Slack

So, if you manage projects in Slack (and I’m pretty sure that’s a lot of you), check Revel out (it’s totally free for the first month).

– Rob McWhirter




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