SPIN — Conversational personal assistants for individuals

Hello All!

We’re incredibly excited to launch the SPIN public beta today.

Visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spinapp.getspinapp

SPIN is a new conversational human support assistant which enabled with conversational AI for corporates and individuals.

Today in this busy world everyone feels tired and every individual needs some sort of human help that will help them to clear their extra works like purchasing monthly things, online payments, and taking care of elders in the family ..all these are recurring and never ends…so a helping hand will give you some breathing space and you can concentrate on your work what you do currently and we will take care the rest….so we are here to help you to get help for all your personal needs…

???? SPIN For Individuals

????Assisted Buying
One time or multiple times, our support assistants are here to help you to buy things. let us know what you need and we do research on various brands and assist you to buy the best in the market

????Online things
Regular online shopping’s, monthly regular payments, school fees, pf, tax, and anything you name it. We are here to assist you with all of those. you just concentrate on your work, sit back and relax and we do the rest of those

????We take care of your family members too
We find dedicated caretakers for your family members, we call them regularly to know their health problems and issues. remind you of the medical treatment schedules and medicine intake timings etc..

???? SPIN For Corporates

????Set up your own support team with the SPIN app
Corporates can have unlimited own support assistants in the SPIN app, support your employees your own way with your own support employees

????Hire us as like your assistant
Set up a spin support team for your employees support, we support your team 24/7

????Hire us for your any support needs
SPIN offers a complete customer Care Services for you to take the first Step towards business excellence. SPIN customer care center works on behalf of its clients, to manage their tasks efficiently using quality processes & services

Visit SPIN website for more details : https://joinspinapp.com

We’re so excited and would love to hear your questions and feedback!

– Sujeesh




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