TestBox — Test drive your software options before you buy

Enterprise Software has come a long way in the last decade but we’re still stuck in the painful traditional sales process of demos and sales calls. We’ve all wanted to get our hands on a real environment and compare options and now it’s possible.

It’s why I’m thrilled to be sharing TestBox with you all. @samuelbsenior and @peter_testbox have built the first Customer-Led buying platform that means you can actually test drive your software options side-by-side before buying. No more needing to go through a long sales process instead self-serve and buy on your own terms.

The way they’ve built TestBox is really cool – they use OpenAI to generate data that looks like your own company and then automatically build out all the most important use cases for your team. Meaning you get the same experience for a like for like comparison across multiple software platforms.

They even make it easier to collaborate with your team by having all feedback built into the testing experience, no more wrangling Google Sheets.

Right now they’ve built for Customer Support software but are expanding into more verticals soon.

TestBox is going to be huge for both buyers and sellers of software by making it faster and easier to self-serve and get to a software decision with confidence.

Congrats to Sam and Peter, excited to continue seeing TestBox flourish. ????

– Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré




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