Barnacle — Real time package tracking made easy & affordable

How often are you asking yourself,

“where is my package and why is my delivery ETA always wrong?”

Maybe you’re a online retailer who ships high-value items that you want to ensure you know the location of at all times along the delivery journey. Or maybe you’re one of 1.7 million Americans everyday who are searching for a missing package or worse…it’s been taken by porch pirates (quickly, someone alert Mark Rober!).

Hi, I’m Jason the CTO & Co-Founder of Barnacle. This week, we’re excited to launch our Barnacle 1 package tracker & pre-order site,

Barnacle prevents lost or stolen deliveries with affordable & easy to use package trackers. Using our Barnacle 1 tracker and web map, you can see the real time location of your package on a map, and you’ll know when & where the package was opened using special sensors on our trackers.

Once your package arrives safely at the destination, have the Recipient mail their Barnacle tracker back to us for cleaning & reuse. We’ll rebate the Seller/Shipper $10 for each tracker safely returned. We’ve partnered with the US Postal Service to ensure no additional postage or envelopes are required. Pretty easy, right?

Each Barnacle tracker has a GPS, Microcontroller, and LoRaWAN Radio operating on the Helium network – all of which is housed in a durable, water-resistant case.

If you’re a frequent Shipper or online Seller, Barnacle is for you:

– Save Money: detailed delivery location info & fraud detection helps reduce reimbursement & replacement risk
– Drive Brand Love: give customers the peace of mind & trust to purchase high-value products from your online store
– Fewer Service Calls: free up your customer service team by equipping your customers with the tools to view their delivery status
– Reliability: our trackers use LoRaWAN networks, so they work great in most US urban & suburban areas. Plus, there’s no monthly service fees

Thanks for your interest and we’re here all day to answer your questions!


– Jason




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