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Hey Product Hunters! ????

I’m Scott, co-founder and CEO of Chatterbug (and previously, GitHub cofounder). Today I’m happy to announce the launch of a new language learning app, Chatterbug Streams.

This product came out of frustration with all the language flashcard-type apps out there. They’re boring (even when gamified), robotic and not helpful in real life situations where a real human sounds nothing like what you practice.

Language is more fun to learn and sticky when you learn it from real people talking about stories, culture and real topics, not rearranging words into the correct sentence order.

Our Streams app is different than all other mobile language learning apps. We have a Peloton/Apple Fitness+ like library of hundreds of interactive streamed videos helping you learn French, German or Spanish with new live episodes every day.

Learn a language with a mobile app different than anything else:

????️ Real human language: Learn a language the way you’ll hear it in the real world, spoken by native speakers in context.

???? Interactive: Every stream has interactive quizzes to participate and engage with the streamer, as well as the ability to chat with other students and our language experts.

???? All levels: Unlike nearly every other language learning mobile app, our content runs from total beginner to advanced content. Break out of the Duolingo beginner plateau.

???? On the go: Watch live or recorded streams at any time in 10-15 minute chunks. Learn on the train, at your level, with a live-streaming native speaker.

We’re launching with early-bird pricing, but there are already hundreds of videos in 3 languages (French, Spanish, German) and dozens more live streamed every week.

Would love to answer any questions!

– Scott Chacon




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