CloudStick — The right companion to deploy and manage your cloud

We’re delighted to present our product CloudStick that can help you with all of your web hosting needs.

CloudStick is a highly advanced, robust server control panel, plotted with enhanced security aspects specially crafted for your Web Applications with 24/7 technical support.

CloudStick is designed to manage your Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS, Vultr, GCP servers for PHP, and Node-based Web Applications. CloudStick is fully packed with Nginx, Apache, PHP, MariaDB, FTP, Cron, Supervisord, Redis, Memcached, Node, Composer, etc. CloudStick’s one Click installer is capable of deploying WordPress, Joomla, NextCloud, and PHPMyAdmin.

Our features and service offerings are:
1. Free team feature for basic and pro.
2. EasyPHP (one-click PHP extension installer)
3. User quota (limit disk space for specific web application)
4. Advanced firewall,
5. Centralised management,
6. Global search for databases, web applications, and servers.
7. FTP and SFTP,
8. Subdomains
9. Free SSL
10. Advanced Database Management.
11. One-Click CMS installer.
12. TimeZone Management.
13. 30 Days server health stats for Basic and Pro.
14. Cron Job management.
15. Easy Git deployment
16. Free migration
17. No credit card or debit card needed for trial

Feel free to reach out to us over the Live chat/Support option from the dashboard or email for more information.

– Aswin Mohanan




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