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Fellow Product Hunters,

Thank you for your time – please let me introduce you to and how I came about this project:

???? Problem: Selling property deals is old school, inefficient and wastes time/money. Emails are sent by hand to email lists – every single investor receives every single property deal available. This antagonises clients and wastes everyone’s time.

???? Solution: The solution to the problem is quite simple: classify property sourcers (the people that find and sell deals) and their deals and match them with the investor preferences. We solved this problem in an MVP on

???? Mission: It’s only day one though: we can do a lot more with AI. Our ambition is to become the leading smart property investor list: we want to empower our deal sourcers to sell their properties to targeted investors worldwide, effectively and for free. Help us build the platform so we can help sell properties to investors that want them.

???? Product: We market packaged property deals directly to thousands of investors whose preferences we match – i.e. we only show properties to investors that they actually asked to see. We market any deal you can source: whether you market buy-to-let, rent-to-rent, serviced accommodation houses-in-multiple-occupancy, buy-refurbish-refinance-rent, purchase-lease-options, lease-option-agreements, commercial property or bespoke deals that are off the beaten path. We cover it all, for free.

⚙️ Process: Imagine CraigsList had a threesome with SendGrid and Facebook 😉 The MVP is a classified ads platform with an automated email list: you simply upload your property deal and we approach thousands of investors for you. As soon as you post a deal, we give investors access, immediately. We pass on your personal contact details to interested investors so you can negotiate terms directly. You negotiate your deal with the investors privately in person. It’s your deal, it’s your sourcing fee and we have no part in it. Dealfindr is free.

???? Free: Deal makers should keep what they work for: their sourcing fee. Dealfindr runs ads on its platform – that’s how we make money and that’s what we call a win-win situation.

It’s only day one, but you have to start somewhere – help us disrupt and revolutionise the way property and real estate is sold. Any questions, let us know – we are keen to hear your thoughts!

Happy deal making,
Your Dealfindr Team

– Andres Reibel




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