Ghost Knowledge — Knowledge from the people who don’t normally write online

Hi all, I’m Sari – currently building and using the expanded real estate in my brain after leaving my consulting gigs to launch cool, values-aligned Internet experiments. Ghost Knowledge is the first one, and it launches today.

Why this?

The majority of business writing that exists on the Internet comes from people in the business of commenting, complaining, and hot takes. NOT from people in the business of making, creating, or fixing things.

We need a new model for funding “ghost knowledge” – knowledge that exists within expert and maker communities but is never written or documented.

How does it work?

1. You suggest ideas for essays you’d want to read from authors that don’t normally publish.

2. You pledge $ to support the suggestions you like.

3. We collect payment and coordinate with authors to make the magic happen ✨.

Oh, and if you’re the original requester of the essay you get 10% of the proceeds of the crowdfund – a fun experiment in shared upside 🙂


If you’re feeling the vibe, here’s how you can help:

Visit and request an essay, pledge $ to support other people’s requests, or share the experiment on Twitter — maybe your audience wants to fund a piece from you!

And most importantly, tell me what you think in the comments below.

A million times, thank you!

– Sari Azout




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