Prelude Operator — Defend your organization’s security, by attacking it

Hi all, I’m the founder of Prelude Operator.

The security industry focuses the vast preponderance of its time, resources, and intellectual capital on designing advanced tools only accessible to ‘elite’ (government + very large) organizations. There are good reasons for this – these organizations often have the most to lose in being attacked, have the resources to spend on defense, and staff full-time security teams.

In many ways, this can be thought of as raising the security ceiling, constantly pushing to advance technology in order to outsmart/outrun adversaries.

Unfortunately, very little of that advanced technology makes its way down to the rest of the market, including critical infrastructural organizations like hospitals, schools, and just about every small-and-medium-sized organization.

We consider the work of bringing this advanced security down to all organizations as raising the security floor.

This is Prelude’s mission. We want to help bring advanced security to all organizations, in order to raise the collective security floor. Today, we are launching Prelude Operator V1.0 out of beta – an easy-to-use desktop application that helps to defend organizations by deploying realistic adversarial attacks.

– Spencer Thompson




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