TOP UX LIST — The all-in-one resources list for UX designers & researchers

Hi beautiful people,

I’m very excited to upload my first product: An all-in-one curated resources list for UX designers/ researchers.

What it includes:

– 500+ portfolio & 150+ resumes categorized by experience level
– 100+ school programs & online courses & bootcamps worldwide
– 100+ blogs & communities & podcasts to follow
– 50+ job board webs & UX recruiters to reach out

How it helps you:

A weekly updated newsletter help you get the latest UI/UX trends
A daily updated resources list for you find useful tools, portfolios, articles, resumes, job list etc
A platform to share your opinions and new findings in design and help people grow

Who it is for:

– For new UXRers/UXDers to create better case study, portfolio, resume and explore job opportunities
– For junior UXRers/UXDers to get first-hand resources to improve UX knowledge and skills faster
– For senior UXRers/UXDers to keep update with the latest design tools, trends, news


It’s my first time to post product here. Any feedback , advice, suggestions are very welcomed and appreciated!



– Echo Yiran Xu




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