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Hi everyone,

???? With a lot of nervous excitement, we present to you, – a one of a kind intuitive business name generator that suggests meaningful names that are actually usable! We would LOVE to hear your thoughts / feedback / suggestions since Namify was built to help creative hustlers like you 🙂

We know being an entrepreneur means having to work harder, smarter and faster than the rest. And that’s precisely why we created Namify – to empower businesses at the first and one of the most crucial steps. Whether you are a startup, a side-hustler, a blogger, or a small business owner – starting off with a credible online presence can help add massive momentum to an initiative. However, finding a catchy and distinctive brand name, along with a matching domain name and social media handles is often a difficult, expensive and time consuming process. A lot of entrepreneurs end up compromising on their brand name which impacts their brand perception for years to come!

Namify is here to change that. ⚡️⚡️

Unlike most other generators, Namify doesn’t just add prefixes and suffixes to the keywords added by you. Instead, it attempts to understand the essence of the business / product and is constantly learning and improvising based on user behavior. It suggests meaningful, brandable names that are contextual, grammatically correct, with logical word pairings (for the most part 🙂 ).

Here are a few suggestions given by Namify:

???? Keyword = fashion
Namify’s suggestions: Style Grid, Fab Lab, Vanity Engine, Couture Engine, Glamify, Glamica, Fably, Style Loop, The Glam Factory etc.

???? Keyword = food
Namify’s suggestions: Grubify, Spice Gram, Yumful, Nom Way, Gourmetician, Munch Lab, Chow Bay, The Yum Factory, Grillful, Gourmetica

???? Keyword = code
Namify’s suggestions: Techloop, Tech Yard, Code Bay, Codely, Uptech, Bitful, Tech Now, Code Hub etc.

And here’s the best part: Anybody who goes ahead and registers a suggested domain name gets a free logo!

To sum it up, Namify offers:

???? Creative and meaningful brand name options to give your business a head start ????
???? Social media handle availability check for all the popular platforms
???? Domain availability check
???? Free Logo
???? 80+ pre-defined industry categories ????????????????
???? A ready list of names to choose from across many of these categories
???? A filter for length of the name
???? A filter for the number of words

But don’t just take our word for it. Go ahead and try it out – it will not disappoint 🙂

– Namrata Arya




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