ProveSource 2.0 — Skyrocket your conversions with social proof

We started the company in June 2015 with no real idea.

Most people we know fail to ever get started because they’re looking for the perfect idea.

As the founder of Instagram famously said:

“It’s about going through false starts. The best companies in the world have all had predecessors. YouTube was a dating site. You always have to evolve into something else.”

We brainstormed for several days and because both myself and Natan (my co-founder) are very good with mobile app development (iOS & Android) we decided to build a personalization platform for mobile apps and sell it to enterprises.

Around 2.5 years later, having invested almost $100k out of our own pockets, having done hundreds of calls and demos with huge enterprises and dozens of PoCs, we decided it’s time to move on…

It felt awful – like you’re killing something you love, but it had to be done.


It’s January 2018 and we are two broken founders (so called entrepreneurs) who just want to build a business.

The idea was to “steal” the social proof hack that was using (e.g. 5 people booked this hotel, etc.) and create a platform from it – a social proof marketing platform (that shows REAL data ????)

Only this time around, we didn’t have any runway (we burnt our savings for 3 years). We had to do it fast and we did not have time to build anything. We had to get traction.

The idea was simple: make a mockup, setup a landing page and drive traffic.
The goal was even simpler, get 100 leads to signup to a nonexistant product in 30 days or so.

We got 200+ signups and decided to build an MVP with 2-3 features, no password reset, no emails, nothing.


It’s June 2021, and we are here launching and celebrating ProveSource 2.0 ????

– ProveSource is now used by more than 40,000 websites, brands and marketers including Grant Cardone, Telefonica, The Body Shop, The Gamesmen, MyDeal and more…

– We have native integrations with the major platforms:

✅ Shopify
✅ Wix
✅ WordPress / WooCommerce
✅ Magento
✅ BigCommerce
✅ Zapier
✅ and 10s of other services and platforms.

– We invested time and efforts in making our UI even better and easy to use. Going through the whole new on-boarding process now takes even less time than before.

– More than 50 feature requests were deployed! We are committed to our customers ????

– Great case studies we are happy to share today:

– Yosi Dahan




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