Notion Landing Page Template — Build landing pages easily on Notion

Hi, my name’s Uğur, Entrepreneur and Content Creator. I am someone who releases indie hacker projects every month.

I fell under the spell of Notion and I wanted to be in it too. It’s hard to constantly get hosting for my projects. That’s why I wanted to develop a very comfortable and practical landing page.

All members here are after products. You are one of them. You know how many landing pages are needed. Giving extra hosting for each product can get tiring after a while. + Adding software to it. It can take 2-3 hours to make these. And I say to you, do it in 5 minutes. A deadly simple tool! Buy the theme and duplicate it. Buy once, use forever! Dominate the design with drag and drop!

Notion is an ever-evolving tool. You can now add a ProductHunt Badge to this design. You’ll be able to add even more crazy stuff in the future. I’m sure of this because Notion will not die unless a meteor hits the earth. ???? So it won’t die in this design. ????

Would ProductHunt founder Ryan Hoover like this product? Probably yes. ????
So do you like this product? I will be grateful to you if you give me good or bad feedback. Don’t forget to vote. Thank you. 🙂

– Uğur KILCI ????




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