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Hey, Hunters! ????

My name is Tanner and I’m the founder of DripJobs. I own a residential painting business and I couldn’t seem to find something that allowed me to not only manage and nurture my leads, but my jobs as well.

Lead generation is HUGE in the home-service industry, but what good are leads when they don’t convert?

My goal was to solve this problem for marketers and for contractors.

DripJobs is the all-in-one automation solution that will allow contractors to automatically follow-up with leads and customers – creating a seamless pipeline experience that will not only benefit the contractor, but the customer of the contractor as well.

DripJobs creates a seamless experience throughout the entire buying journey – allowing customers to feel valued, and contractors to feel in control.

Know a contractor? We have an affiliate program – If you request the details in the comments I will happily to share the information.

Are you a marketer? Set your contractor up with DripJobs, all of the follow-ups are pre-built. We use a Zapier integration to send leads directly into DripJobs to be followed up with instantly.

Are you a contractor? We service contractors in the following categories:

– Flooring Contractors
– Painting Contractors
– Roofing Contractors
– Granite Installation
– Fence Installation
– Hardscape Installation
– Handymen
– General Remodelers

(Any contractor that takes their customer through a pipeline, not to be confused with HVAC, Lawn Care, Garage Repair, etc)

Available on App Store & Google Play Store

Contact: Admin@dripjobs.com

Gift: 10% OFF for Product Hunt! Use code “HUNT” at checkout

Thank you all so much for your time and I’m so excited to hear your feedback!

– Tanner Mullen




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