Transloader 3 — Start downloads on your Macs, remotely from other devices

After a long while, I finally got around to making Transloader shine again.
And to mark the occasion, it’s currently ~50% off on the Mac App Store. The iOS companion app is free.

Transloader for Mac, iPhone and iPad have been reimagined, redesigned and redeveloped from the ground up.

– Supports multiple Macs
Transloader now supports a multi-Mac environment, allowing you to assign downloads to one specific, or multiple Macs.
It also keeps track of Transloader’s status on your Mac (running, sleeping or not running).

– Assign Downloads to Macs – from other Macs
In addition to being able to initiate downloads on your Macs from your iPhones and iPads (which requires the free iOS counterpart of Transloader available on the App Store), you can also start downloads on Macs from other Macs.

– Tight Integration with macOS
Transloader’s Share extension lets you initiate downloads on Macs right from within your browser (and any other app you can share links from).
Its service in the Services menu allows you to download links you select in documents.

– Tight Integration with iOS
Transloader’s Share extension lets you initiate downloads on Macs right from within your browser (and any other app you can share links from).
With its Siri Shortcuts, you can build powerful download workflows.

– Login to Download
If a file requires a login into the website before it can be downloaded, Transloader lets you do that now. You can log in to websites at any time, from any device.

– Link- and File Actions
Link Actions tell Transloader on Mac which app or Automator workflow should open specific links (based on criteria like host or URL scheme), instead of downloading them in Transloader. For example, you can open ftp links with the ftp app of choice.
A File Action lets Transloader on Mac open a file after its downloaded with an app or Automator workflow, based on criteria like file type/extension, or the link’s host. For example, unzip zip files right away after they’re downloaded.

– Save Links for Later
If your desired Mac is not yet registered with Transloader, or you’d just like to wait before you initiate the download of a link on a Mac, you can now save links, and assign them to a Mac for download later.

– Push Notifications
Stay informed about the state of your downloads and Macs on all your devices, by setting up (optional) push notifications.

– Matthias Gansrigler




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