Whole Life Meditation — A guided process to visualize your life in one sitting

Creating new things is incredibly fulfilling, especially when it is a novel idea and slightly wacky ???? . Like the makers of The Useless Web or MindF*** and mmhmm.

Whole Life Meditation is a zany product, but it packs a punch ???? of insight and clarity when you try it.

When the idea for Whole Life Meditation came to me, I realized it was the easiest thing to prototype EVER. All I needed was time and patience. The first time, it took 4 hours! Roughly an hour per decade.

Here is how it works:
* Find a place where you can be alone – but you don’t have to stay still. I have done this on airplanes, driving, and running.
* Start the audio on our website, Spotify or SoundCloud.
* After a few breaths, you will hear me explain a visualization for each stage of your life. I will ask questions and help you see your life experiences as clearly as possible.
* After each section I will pause for a period of silence with low music in the background. Use this time to recall your life’s movie.

Whole Life Meditation is free and does not pay the bills. My day job is Zipcan.

Feedback and donations are always welcome at http://wholelifemeditation.com/

– Fritz Brumder




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