1-on-1s by Roots — Prepare for, conduct, & track 1:1s from the comfort of Slack

Hi hunters! ???? So excited to introduce you to the newest plugin in Roots’ award-winning, Slack-based HR platform: 1-on-1s.

1:1 meetings are the lifeblood of every organization — and one of the most effective ways to bubble up ideas and issues within an organization. According to SHRM, 89% of HR leaders agree that ongoing manager feedback and check-ins are key for successful outcomes. While traditional HR platforms may accommodate 1-on-1 tracking, our Slack-based design leads to higher adoption rates and ensures that issues being discussed during 1-on-1s are actually followed through on.

Today, in the midst of adjusting to long-term remote work, companies must have good hygiene around 1-on-1s. It is incredibly difficult to keep tabs on team members from afar, to know who is bought in and motivated versus who is disconnected and at risk. 1-on-1s can help managers gauge that information and identify problem areas that need addressing. That’s what we’re motivated by and hoping to solve for!

Companies using the 1-on-1s plugin will have access to the following features:

✅ Digestible, easy-to-use Slack interface
???? Syncing with calendars and automatic recognition of 1-on-1s
???? Simple way for users to coordinate shared agendas and talking points for upcoming 1-on-1s in Slack
???? 1-on-1 history logs and reporting, accessible to participants and HR teams

Would love to get feedback from you all and hear your thoughts. Feel free to try the plugin free for 30 days with this link: https://tryroots.io/1-on-1s?ref=producthunt

– Kevin Corliss




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