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Hey PH!

Stripe Payment Links are a great no-code payments tool to help you sell online, but their current functionality is limited. They don’t make full use of Stripe.

For example, some current Stripe payment link limitations. You can’t

– Add a tax rate!
– Look a customer up by email param – which means you can’t prevent creating duplicate customers in your account :/
– Set different payment method options – no global payment options
– See analytics for link clicks and conversions – is anyone clicking on your links?
– Control checkout success and cancel redirect destinations
+ more

To fix this, I’ve added a lot of advanced functionality around Stripe payment links ✨ for free ✨, so that you can get more of the Stripe power that you need. Here’s a list of them:

???? Automatic taxes
* Stripe released this last week so I’ve made it compatible with payment links!

???? Tax id collection
* Capture VAT numbers etc. as part of checkout. There are 2 modes:
– Standard (Eurozone & Australasia)
– International (all of standard + 22 other countries) with advanced format validation

???? Dynamic customer lookup
* Pass an email param to find a Customer in your account. This solves the issue of multiple customers being created when using the same email ????

???? Custom redirects
* Control the success and cancel checkout destinations, or use our configurable checkout success summary page.

???? Add different payment methods options
* Add global payment methods like AliPay, iDeal, GrabPay, Afterpay, SOFORT and more. If it’s in Stripe checkout, and passes validation, you can add it.

???? Multiple products
* Add as many to a payment link as you need! Mix and match one time and recurring prices

???? Digital asset delivery (premium feature)
* Upload an asset and we’ll send a secure download link to your customer after a successful checkout. Think Gumroad meets Stripe.

???? Analytics
* Conversion funnels and summary metrics. See how many times people are clicking on your link and whether they’re converting.

???? Pre-apply discounts
* Embed a discount into any payment link. No need for your customers to copy and paste a promo code etc.

???? Custom metadata
* Control what metadata gets previewed in social channels when you share a link.

???? Branded links
* Add your brand to the payment link url so it looks and feels like your business

???? Free form amounts
* Need to just charge a one-off single amount? Now you can!

???? Setup mode (premium feature)
* Need to capture fresh payment details for a customer? Setup mode lets your customer add a new card without being charged

???? Billing management
* Customers want to be able to manage their subscriptions with ease, so we’ve created the ability for you to enable one click unsubscribes from within email receipts.

???? Seamless test mode
* When enabled – just add /test/ to the any live link to convert it into a test link. No more manual duplication of products / prices / links etc etc. ????

Best of all, payment links are free to use. There’s no additional fee added on top of Stripe’s standard payment processing charges.

There are two paid features as mentioned in the list (content delivery and setup mode), but the rest of the functionality is free to use.

You can experiment with these advanced features by creating a test link here:

Check it out, all feedback welcome!

— Shane

– Shane Rogers




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