Wordmark 3.0 β€” Helps you choose fonts

Hello Product Hunt!

I am happy to share the third version of Wordmark with you.

Wordmark is 10 years old this year. It has been a rewarding side project for me in many ways. What started with “scratching my own itch” grew into helping a lot of people all over the world for choosing fonts.

Back in 2010 I used to design a lot of logotypes for my friends. My process was to think about what the logo should feel like and then I would go through the fonts on my computer to see if anything I already have was fit for the job.

I’d write down the names of the fonts that looked promising, then I’d type them in Illustrator to do a side by side comparison and decide which one to work with.

One night, going through the same process, I realized that I could build a tool for this with just a tiny bit of HTML and Javascript. The first version was launched on the new years eve of 2011. (fun fact: @rrhoover emailed me out of the blue to tell me that people are discussing my site on his site, that’s when I discovered Product Hunt πŸ™‚

Today, Wordmark is a favorite among crafters, designers, students, teachers, sign painters, …, all of whom have downloaded some fonts and are having a hard time choosing one among them.

In this new version, together with @emreparlak, we have redesigned the look and feel of the site to be more welcoming. I have also completely rewrote the code to be able to add long awaited improvements and features to better accommodate the needs of everyone using the site.

Wordmark can instantly preview your system fonts and Google fonts. If you choose to install the Chrome extension or MS Edge add-on, it can also preview the fonts you have installed on your computer as well. Actually, that’s when it’ll be truly useful.

Hope you like it!

Here is the first version on PH:

And the second one:

– Fahri Γ–zkaramanlΔ±




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