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Hi PH!
Our team did a great job of collecting information about investment funds available to apply for fundraising. Actually, it’s a quite sophisticated task to find a fund that matches your start-up. In our case, we’re interested in funds working with lifestyle, health&fitness, meditation, and weight control spheres. We’ve been using Crunchbase, RocketReach, AngelList, and all possible social networks to collect a superior limit of details about each fund and investment partner.
Honestly, it takes loads of time to check if a fund is active enough, its recent deal amounts, and prevailing spheres it works with. Sure, there is still a lot to improve about the search process. This leads to 2 main problems this database is to solve:
1/ Saving time – it took about 3-4 months to create this database. So if you work in one of the spheres mentioned above – you have a ready-made list.
2/ Discoverability – it’s hard to decide in advance what information you exactly need except you are sure what features you’re interested in. This database was amended a number of times cause we’d realized we need more information to find a fund to apply to.

That was the first step to fundraising. Yet, a lot to do…

– Andrew Shemet




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