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Google Form -▶️ Chatbot
Forms are powerful and easy to create, but fails to capture users attention.

Hi ProductHunters,

This is Shyjal from – a no-code chatbot builder.

Everyone from Students, Teachers, Business folks to marketers uses Google Forms. We wanted to help them out by creating a more interactive version of the forms they made in Google Form.

So we created Form to Chatbot. It’s built as a Google Form add-on.

Just 3 steps:

1. Install the add-on from Google Workspace Marketplace.

2. Open the add-on inside the Google Form you want to convert.

3. Click on Create chatbot.

Why convert at all?

???? Filling a form feels like a task.
???? Chatbots are refreshingly friendly.

???? Forms can be filled using a link only.
???? ???? Chatbots can be used as links + as widgets inside websites.

???? For reports, you have to rely on Google sheets in the case of Forms.
???? Chatbots can generate reports & integrate with other apps to build workflows.

In a nutshell, when you convert a Form, you create a better interface to collect data with additional powers ????

Demos of the chatbot

The form can be converted into 3 chatbot formats.

1. You can see the chatbot in widget form on

2. You can see the chatbot as full page at

3. You can also embed the chatbot. Click here to see a preview.

Do give it a try, and let us know your feedback.


– Shyjal




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