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Hi everyone, I’m Sven, an indie iOS developer from Belgium. About a year ago I was wondering about my lifetime Apple Health and Fitness stats like total steps taken, total workouts, total distance walked and ran, … I searched for an app that does this, but none of them had all the stats and features that I wanted, so I decided to make the app myself.

So 8 months ago I launched my iOS app “Health Stats”. In those 8 months it received a lot of updates, so I decided to give an update to Product Hunt!

What is Health Stats?
Health Stats is an Apple Health and Fitness dashboard that displays your health, activity and workout data that is stored in the Apple Health and Fitness apps on your iPhone. You can choose for which date range (today, last 7 days, lifetime, custom date range, …), in what distance unit (km or mi) and in what energy unit (kcal or kJ) you want to view your stats. You can also rearrange the dashboard and disable stats you don’t want to see. If you are the social media type of person, you can even share your stats as an image.

Get a better insight on your Apple Health and Fitness data with graphs, averages, minimums, maximums and personal bests.

Currently supported data sets
General data sets:
– Total exercise time
– Total step count
– Total walking and running distance
– Total flights of stairs climbed
– Total stand time
– Total stand hours (hours in which you’ve stood and moved for at least 1 minute)
– Total wheelchair pushes
– Total wheelchair distance
– Active energy burned
– Resting energy burned
– Total energy burned
– Total water intake

Workout data sets:
– Total workout time
– Total workout distance
– Total workouts
– Running workouts (time, distance, energy burned and count)
– Walking workouts (time, distance, energy burned and count)
– Cycling workouts (time, distance, energy burned and count)
– Swimming workouts (time, distance, energy burned, swimming strokes and count)
– Elliptical workouts (time, energy burned and count)
– HIIT workouts (time, energy burned and count)
– Strength workouts (time, energy burned and count)
– Skiing workouts (time, distance, energy burned and count)
– Snowboarding workouts (time, distance, energy burned and count)
– Hiking workouts (time, distance, energy burned and count)
– Yoga workouts (time, energy burned and count)

Privacy Policy
The goal of this app is to give you an insight on your health and fitness stats. All data that is used comes straight from your iPhone. None of the data will ever leave your iPhone and is not stored anywhere.

– Sven Navez




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