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Hey Product Hunt Community!

Finding quality web design leads can be a challenge. Most lead finders will provide you with the business and their contact information but nothing else. This is obviously not enough information for a web designer!

So at we sought out a solution and created an entire lead finder FOR web designers. is the perfect lead tool for web designers. With one click, you can search anywhere in the U.S and it automatically generates a list of businesses ranked from worst to best using our website analysis AI.

Some Product Features:
????️ Website Analysis Data – Tool provides you with a score which is based on website age, secure connections, mobile-friendly, table layout, and image button background

???? Website Audit Reports – These exportable audits (.CSV) contain the web analysis data (mentioned above) and can be used to tailor outreach campaigns.

????Contact Data: Provided with owner name, phone number and email.

✅ Verified Business Confirmation: Verifies information making sure you are contacting businesses that still operate.

???? Search Filters: Narrow your search even further by picking a specific industry or niche.

Both my Co-Founder/CEO and I are young founders(18 years old) so your suggestions would be much appreciated!

To thank the Product hunt community we are discounting all paid plans by 20%. Use code UPGRADE at checkout. It will expire in 1 week.


Abdullah Atif | Chief Marketing Officer
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Dan White | Chief Executive Officer
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– Abdullah Atif




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