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Hi there

After the sucessful launch of the first version of our Gantt chart designer and more than one million Gantt charts designed by our users, we have completely revamped It’s still easy and straightforward to use, but offers many new functions ????:

Here are the main features of

– Flexible Gantt layout – either as fully fledged gantt chart or timeline ????
– 25 news styles ????
– Lanes and markers to point the attention of the viewer on a particular fact
– Magic resize for an optimal result in any situation
– More than 900 fonts available – including fonts for non-western languages ????
– Undo/redo ???? and time-Travel function including the creation of intermediate copies
– Readymade templates for ultra-quick results, possibility to create user-based templates
– Flexible and intuitive interface ????
– Real-time collaboration
– Export in high resolution (PNG)
– Export as vector file (SVG)
– Copy and paste to any Desktop application

???? We would love to know what you guys think? Looking forward to your feedback. ????

– Laurie Hérault




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