Automation & Analytics Tool for Creators — Tools to help creators convert their channels to a business

Hi PH ✨

We built an Analytics tool and Automation tool for creators so creators can focus on creating and let our platform handle the boring and manual tasks of running a business.

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Upcoming features on our platform –
⚡️ Deep Cross-platform audience and channel analytics
⚡️ Automation across creator’s fav tools and platforms
⚡️ Creator community to help creators figure out how to grow and monetize their channels

With these tools creators can –
???? Save Time – No-code tool to build workflows between creator platforms to help you save time on manual tasks.
???? Increase Super Fans – Use cross-platform connections to automate communication and increase conversion from fans to super-fan.
???? Focus on Creating – Automate the operational parts of your creator business such as acquiring brand deals, payments, revenue.

Join us in our mission of helping all creators build successful and sustainable businesses while doing what they love and letting our software handle the rest!

– Deb Pratiher




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