Biometric Login by Optherium — Password-less authentication with a biometric login

No more passwords needed. Biometric login eliminates the need for a password by replacing it with a fingerprint or a face scan. It increases sign-in convenience, raises login conversion rates, and securely protects sensitive data from being stolen or compromised.

Passwordless authentication with the biometric login can be seamlessly integrated into any business with the help of Optherium SDK in just a few days. Learn more –

Enterprises can utilize passwordless authentication with the biometric login for internal security and access management and external usage by online customers. In both cases, the biometric login enhances customer experience, raises sign-in conversion rates, protects user’s data from hacking, and protects your business from penalties and fines.
Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Biometric login helps businesses & users to prevent the most common and successful types of cyberattacks, targeted on stealing passwords and login. Replacing access credentials with biometric authentication and private key signatures ensures that access is granted to the right user or employee.

Biometric Login from Opterium enables banks and financial institutions to quickly and efficiently comply with the PSD2 and SCA requirements.

Biometric login is a cost-effective multi-factor authentication method that combines mobile push notifications and biometric verification through the mobile phone.

It is safe and straightforward for end customers while the business stays compliant with PSD2 and GDPR regulations.

We leverage native mobile device biometric authentication capabilities, Artificial Intelligence, push-notifications, and advanced data security to keep business safe, compliant, and cost-effective.

– Vadi Ivanen




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