BuhoCleaner 1.5 — Mac cleaner optimized for macOS Monterey & M1 Macs

Hi Product Hunters,

I’m andy, CEO of DrBuho Inc., the maker of the BuhoCleaner app.

We were hunted 7 months ago. Since then, we have been working hard to make this product more stable and easier to use. Finally, it reaches version 1.5 – a big update to this super useful app!

Our goal is to create a simple yet powerful tool for you to:

1. Clean up Mac junk files.
2. Completely uninstall apps you don’t use.
3. Find & clean duplications and large files.
4. Manage startup items & launch services.
5. Monitor macOS system stats.

Download our BuhoCleaner:


Feel interested? Use the following PROMO CODE to get 70% OFF on Family Plan: PH09C38B06 (3 DAYS ONLY!)

For how to use the RPOMO CODE, please click the link below:


I’ll be around all day answering questions about the app. Hope to hear your thoughts and feedback!

– andy




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