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I’m Griffin, co-founder of Circle. I’ve often been frustrated by support chatbots. They’ve often had trouble understanding me, they’ve given me unclear solutions, and they often couldn’t find answers to my questions.

These chatbots use solutions that are manually added to a database by a human, which greatly limits the helpfulness of the chatbot. Imagine having a conversation with someone who can only respond to you by reading off of pre-written sentences on a list — wouldn’t that be frustrating?

After talking with other people who shared the same sentiment, we began building a chatbot for tech support that gives users a better experience.

We’ve built a tech support chatbot that analyzes Apple’s community discussion forums to find the best solution to tech problems. In every conversation, it analyzes the collective discussion of multiple people who experienced that same problem, which gives it very accurate solutions. Our chatbot isn’t limited by a human filling in questions and answers – it can reference posts from millions of discussions.

We’re also developing a future version to make our chatbot significantly more powerful.

Up until now, the internet has played a very passive role in solving tech problems. It’s an almost infinite collection of knowledge, but in order for a user to find what they are looking for, they have to navigate through this massive pool of information on their own.

We’re building a chatbot that will take a proactive approach to solving the problem, instead of relying on the user to provide all the information. It will ask important questions through the conversation, give clarification when needed, and it will be able to guide users through the solution step-by-step. This will make it an incredibly helpful support agent, capable of solving tech problems to a high degree of accuracy. This is made possible by our approach of getting knowledge from the internet.

We want to monetize by partnering with companies, where users who would contact tech support would be able to interact with our bot. We’re hoping to automate a significant amount of inquiries for companies, all while giving users a good experience.

We’re so excited to share this with you all. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

– Griffin Li




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