Laoshi — Learn new words with flashcards to master Chinese faster

Hey Product Hunt community!

I’m super excited to share a useful app that our team has been working on over the last year. We created Laoshi.

Laoshi is a tool to help people study Mandarin Chinese words and characters.

You can expect:

* Choose and study vocabulary lists that will always be at your fingertips. Our pre-made sets have been compiled from all of the most popular Chinese language learning textbooks and resources. Share vocabulary lists with your community.

* Create your own vocabulary lists and add as many words as you’d like. With just three clicks, it’s much quicker and easier than having to manually write out paper flashcards.

* Practice drawing Chinese characters directly onto your iPhone at your convenience! Leave the pen and paper at home!

* Use the spaced repetition method so you’ll remember new vocabulary forever. Don’t you love it when your teacher reviews old vocabulary after learning some new concepts? Laoshi tracks your progress, and allows you to review old flashcards at the perfect time to solidify your progress.

* Track your progress and improve your results. Interested in knowing how many new words you’ve learned? Laoshi’s got you covered.

In the free version:

– Unlimited flashcards
– Add your own words
– Listen to the pronunciation for each word
– See the statistics of all your results, each and every day!

More in premium version:

– Draw Chinese characters directly in the app
– Master Chinese intonation in our specialized lessons
– Check context with usage examples while learning to memorize words better, faster, forever.

– Daniel




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