Trivia 2.0 — Play instant quizzes, puzzles & games with your coworkers

Hey, Product Hunt! We’re launching Trivia 2.0

It’s been over a year since we first launched Trivia and we’re launching a bunch of new stuff for y’all today ????

Trivia now has:

???? Instant Quizzes: MCQ quizzes on 50+ categories updated every month. In fact, we pick out the most trending topics and build 5-6 quizzes every month specifically on them.

✍???? Custom Quizzes: Make & run your own Quizzes
???? Gotcha!: A revamped MCQ-quiz format for all the smart ones

???? (Un)Popular Opinion Polls: Pineapple on Pizza? Let’s settle that for once and for all!
???? Custom Poll Maker: Decisions made easy. Be it for the next movie night or townhall meeting

???? Jumbled Words: Rearrange letters to form meaningful words
???? Crossword Puzzles: Play the classic crossword puzzle game right inside your channels

???? Pictionary: Sketch, guess and make fun of your friend’s drawing skills
???? GIF Charades: Watch the GIF and guess the movie/TV show it’s from!

???? True or False: Let’s see if you can tell what’s true & what’s false. #unknownfactsalert
???????? This or That: There’s no right or wrong choice. It’s the popular one that wins!

???? Water Cooler conversation starters: Open up conversations in your channels on fun topics
☕️ VirtualCoffee meetups (coming soon): Introduce teammates and break the ice with 1v1 calls

???? Leaderboards: Beat your teammates and win the crown
???? Automatic scheduling: Automate Trivia to start games for you, regularly
???? Global Challenges: Play against Trivia players from companies across the world

Some stats on Trivia:
???? 260,000+ players
???? 10,000+ organizations
???? 70+ countries

???????????? Thousands of minutes of team engagement, bonding & happiness

Check out Trivia now. It’s free! And you get a 14-day Pro trial when you sign up 🙂

– Abhash Kumar




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